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Art to Inspire Courage

The Ladies of Courage Arts Festival is a celebration of art and the courage that lies within each one of us. It serves as a reminder that art is a powerful tool that can inspire courage, resilience, and hope. It was a testament to the fact that courage comes in many forms and can be found in the most unexpected places - even in a brush stroke, a dance move, a pixel, a music note, or a line of a poem.

Participating Artist List

Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Performers LIST:

Victor Acevedo

J-Walt Adamczyk:  website

Maija Beeton : website

Nathalie Bonin,

Chris Casady:

Kelon Cen:

Tony DiMarco : website

Caron Eule:  website

Emiko Flanagan

Brenda Fletcher Molloy

Loree Gold: website

Leonard Grimes

Stacy Jordan

Ed Kessel:  website

Nina Lora

Kate McCallum   website

Christian Miehls : website

Lady Millard

Will Michaelsen (CutMod: website

Josh Moreland:  website

Joy Orleans

Jahna Perricone

Audri Phillips:  website

Tiff Randol

Rosalyn Kahn

Ruhana Rahman 

Rüya Günergin

Lola-Gayle Sandgren

Mikael Sandgren

Bridgit Simone (Veda)

Mikhaila Stettler : website

Maura Townsend

Lilly Vargas

Joanne Warfield

Evan Weitzberg

Lady Zhe


Ladies of Courage

Banners for Ladies of Courage

These banners were on the Ladies of Courage Festival Grounds
Banner for Ladies of Courage by Kelon Cen Banner for ladies of Courage by Audri Phillips Banner for Ladies of Courage by Audri Phillips Ladies of Courage banner by Audri Phillips Ladies of Courage by Midjourney AI Ladies of Courage Flier

Sample list of ladies of Courage names


This is just a small sample of the many Ladies of Courage.